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metal/steel buildingsLeading Manufacturer in the USA.

Your source for Metal/Steel Buildings for Agricultural, Aviation, Churches, Commercial, Industrial, Institutions, Self-Storage/Mini-Warehouses, Quickie-buildings, and even Residential.

Quality, innovation and low cost solutions are essential in today’s competitive economy. That is why J Boyer Construction is proud to partner with Rigid Global Buildings as an authorized builder, and recommend using custom-designed, pre-engineered metal/steel buildings by Rigid for your next project.

These structures can take the form of

  • Residential/Vacation Homes
  • Pole-Barns, Storage buildings
  • Mechanic shops, Retail centers
  • Riding arenas
  • Aircraft hangers
  • Churches
  • Canopies-Overhang
  • Upgrades to existing buildings and so much more.

J Boyer Construction strives to offer the best in quality service from the design of the building package to foundation and the erection of your building.  We don’t stop there; we can complete the interior of your building, maintaining your vision and objectives. With modern technology, these flexible building solutions are designed to offer you the best of both worlds; form, function, and affordability.

Rigid Global Buildings offer you an aesthetically pleasing alternative to conventional building, while providing sustainability, durability and long-term value. Rigid is one of the only major manufacturers in the industry that not only offers metal buildings, but also manufactures structural metal/steel buildings with its fully automated beam lines at both factories to meet today’s sophistication in the market for hybrid buildings.

As an authorized builder for Rigid we are able to act as a supplier and/or the installer.

  • Acting as your General Contractor we can build the project from ground up and deliver a turn-key product.
  • If you choose to have us act as a subcontractor, we can supply just the steel building system, and/or the installation.  We are here to accommodate the unique needs and vision of each client.

We can design an upgrade to your existing building, facility or storefront to meet all your expansion requirements. Quotes are easily received from the manufacturer once the general design parameters are known.

Rigid offers more choices!

We manufacture 3 structural standing seam roofs and 7 different through fastener panels and offer a variety of specialty panels to meet the ever increasing demands of architects, municipalities and building owners of more aesthetically pleasing exterior finishes while keeping costs in mind.

Green Building Initiative

Consideration for the environmental impact a building has on its surrounding and occupants, now and over the life cycle of the building has brought about the interest in “Green Building” or “Sustainable Design”. This combination of design and construction practices can significantly reduce and in some cases eliminate certain negative impacts a building may have on the environment and occupants.

metal/steel buildings

For a building to meet the parameters of sustainable design, the plan and construction must include built-in design features and materials which will enhance the:

  • Energy efficiency and renewable energy
  • Safe guard water and water efficiency
  • Conservation of materials and resources
  •  Indoor environmental quality

The goal for “Green” building and sustainability is to produce a high-performance building that is more than a facility, but improves livability and impacts your local and global community.

Rigid Global Buildings can significantly contribute to a project complying with “The Green Building Initiative”. Rigid can provide a low cost, high efficiency insulation system of up to R-40 for an energy efficient structure. Rigid’s product line of insulated panels is available up to an impressive R-47 rating. With a variety of colors and paint systems available to meet your needs and many of them Cool Roof Rated, Rigid is the manufacturer of choice!

Rigid buildings are Engineer Certified for all 50 States and both factories are AISC, Category MB Certified. We meet or exceed the highest standards in our Industry. With over 100 degreed Engineers and Architects, this enables us to take on the challenges of complex projects at more competitive prices and with quicker response times.

We are a licensed general contractor that has a wealth of experience in all phases of construction.

We use technological innovations as well as traditional methods, that being said, we are not locked into steel buildings.  However they can be the most affordable way to build large structures. In some cases steel buildings are not always cost effective. Then a Wood frame/CMU/Concrete tilt conventional building application would be advisable. We can evaluate your project to determine best options in the design stage. We offer extensive experience in all building fields and can help assist with your total project from the permit process to the completed building.

We are here for you

If you are currently planning on building a steel structure of any type, call J Boyer Construction today at (360) 314-6028 to discuss your potential needs. We look forward to discussing your next project with you!